The results are in from June's massive inspection blitz of commercial vehicles across North America and they show 12,030 commercial vehicles, or 19.4 percent of those 62,013 inspected, were placed out of service, 2,940 drivers, o


If startups are the Davids of the on-demand freight business, C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc. is the Goliath - and Goliath isn't running from anyone.


Autonomous technology will likely alter the way commercial vehicles are designed from the inside out. The changes will facilitate drivers - who now have a single function while on the road - to evolve into operators and managers, expected to multitask from behind the wheel.


The return of the NFL season may translate to higher risk of collisions for waste drivers on their routes, according to data from video telematics provider Lytx.


A federal mandate requiring the use of tracking equipment, known as electronic logging devices, and a lack of parking are among the top complaints truck drivers have about their industry.


Daimler Vans USA is issuing a recall for more than 43,000 Sprinter vans that are equipped with faulty front passenger airbags.


As more states legalize marijuana, it's becoming a growing issue for the trucking industry.

Recreational marijuana has been legal in Colorado since 2014, and drug tests indicate more drivers and job applicants are using the substance.


Whether you agree with him or not, there is rarely a shade of doubt as to where Chris Spear, president and CEO of the American Trucking Associations (ATA) trade group, stands on a particular issue.


With the first total solar eclipse to reach the continental United States since 1979 taking place on Aug. 21, warnings of heavy traffic disruptions have been issued in recent weeks. 


The average age of the truck driver is 52 and each year that number continues to increase, according to Leah Shaver, COO at the National Transportation Institute.