Doft has launched a free mobile app for Android devices.


Take free Doft Load board iOS app with you to find freight and available truck loads on the go. The app gives you access to the more than 150,000 loads posted to Doft every business day.


As a trucking owner-operator, you know that running a successful business requires you to wear many hats. You’ve got to be thinking about everything from gas mileage to depreciation to cash flow.


The trucking business is quite competitive. This means you have to fight for your share of the market profit.


I can easily break down the months of the year into Truckload Shipping Seasons. When I first started in this industry, I had to jump in and learn on the fly, so I quickly identified what months were the busiest times of the year.


All About Free Load Posting Sites and How To Post Loads for Free

1) What are they? 

Quite simply, they are giant online bulletin boards.


Partial truckload, co-loading, less-than-truckload (LTL), and load-to-ride all refer to shipping methods that put orders from multiple companies on one truck. Yet, each mode operates a bit differently and provides its own set of benefits.


Valentine’s Day isn’t just candy in heart-shaped boxes, it’s a holiday about love and that starts with loving yourself!


Is a free load board worth the cost savings?

As an owner-operator or freight broker in a fast-paced and growing market, you have options when choosing a great-paying load or the right carrier for your freight.


Find available carriers immediately with our truck search feature on Doft.