With the start of a new federal rule requiring digital tracking of the number of driving hours truckers log only weeks away, drivers critical of the regulation are launching sporadic protests and hoping for a last-minute congressional reprieve.


Tesla may find a hurdle on its road to electric and autonomous trucking — truckers.


Tesla unveiled its Class 8 electric truck, and while the vehicle Chief Executive Elon Musk touted as a “beast” in a Twitter campaign doesn’t look very beastly, the specifications he shared Thursday certainly live up to t


The on-ramp to the autonomous highway just got a bit more crowded. Embark Technology, a startup developing self-driving trucks, started quietly delivering refrigerators along a 650-mile stretch of Interstate 10 from El Paso, Texas, to Ontario, Calif., last month.


Freight-matching startup Doft pitches virtual "Doftcoins" to industry players.


Silicon Valley truck-sharing startup, DOFT (Do Freight Transportation), reschedules its ICO.


While fewer truckers are women or veterans, both groups tend to be safer drivers who driver more and stick with the same job longer, according to Omnitracs data.


The US trucking industry has been growing tremendously for the last few years, although it firmly stays one of the most old-school in terms of operation and organization methods.


Group’s new 63-page report also notes that a universal vehicle registration fee could generate much-needed infrastructure monies as well.


Hi, Dofters!

The Doft team is glad to inform you, that the main round of our ICO will be held from November 27 04:00 pm UTC to December 15 00:00 am UTC