America's retail giants have spent a decade ignoring signs of labor abuse in their supply chains, sometimes fighting government efforts to crack down, even as thousands of truckers were driven into debt and poverty, a USA TODAY Network investigation has found.


Traditional trucking industry manufacturers could become obsolete if they don't start moving more quickly into electric drive trains.

That's the assessment of analyst Alexander Potter from Piper Jaffray in a report released Tuesday for industry investors.


Heavy-duty trucks that don't need a driver behind the wheel could be on the road in as little as three years.


It is pretty much a given that if you fly as a passenger on a commercial airline, at some point during the flight your plane will be guided by autopilot.


Uber Freight is in the process of radically disrupting the U.S. trucking industry by eliminating standard 30-90 day delayed payment terms with a guaranteed 7-day driver payment.


Senators are ramping up efforts to fight human trafficking by turning their focus to the transportation and trucking industry.


The Biggest: Economy is Better in 2017 Than 2016. According to the most recent market results and trends report from Armstrong & Associates, 2016 domestic transportation mana


In many ways it is still hard to fully grasp just how much change is occurring in the trucking business due to the ubiquity of mobile devices: smart phones, tablet computers, you name it.


ORANGEBURG, S.C. (AP) - A trucking company has agreed to pay $11 million to settle a lawsuit filed by the family of a South Carolina trucker who burned to death last year after colliding with a gasoline tanker that was blocking a rural highway in the dark.