Autonomous trucks could spell the end for railroads' intermodal cost advantages. But the jury on self-driving vehicles is still out. For any number of reasons, the image of driverless trucks rumbling down the nation's highways doesn't sit well with many folks.


Doft, the Silicon Valley truck-sharing startup company, announced the integration with the online load-posting platform PostEverywhere.


When one of Uber's self-driving trucks drove 200 kilometers from Fort Collins to Colorado Spring to deliver a shipment of Budweiser, it seemed Uber was primed to disrupt the estimated $800 billion trucking indu


Forget Big Data or AI, fright brokering in India remains a game of phone calls, personal connections and paperwork.


Uber has entered the full-load freight trucking market with Uber Freight, an on-demand, service designed to streamline the way drivers connect to companies and businesses in need of shipping.


US - Doft, the Silicon Valley-based truck-sharing app company, has announced it is integrating with online load-posting platform PostEverywhere.


Doft is disrupting the shipping industry by instantly matching freight shippers with truck drivers in real time across the USA.


Commercial truck driving puts you in the cab and over the road, but your trip never has to lack for comfort.


Indianola, Miss.-based small fleet owner Bryant Kimbrough was among attendees of Friday morning sessions at the 2017 Expedite Expo show, taking place Friday-Saturday, July 14-15, at the Lexington Convent