Gratitude in Every Mile: A Thanksgiving Message to the Doft Community

Happy Thanksgiving from Doft Team!

As Thanksgiving approaches, we at Doft want to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to the incredible members of our community: the drivers, dispatchers, owner-operators, motor carriers, freight brokers, and shippers who make our platform thrive.

In a world where logistics and transportation keep goods moving, you are the unsung heroes ensuring that the wheels of commerce never stop turning. Your dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to the road are what keep our nation's supply chain strong.

This Thanksgiving, we want to extend our thanks for more than just the miles you cover. We appreciate your resilience in the face of challenges, your adaptability in ever-changing circumstances, and your professionalism in delivering goods safely and on time.

To our drivers, thank you for the countless hours spent behind the wheel, the late nights, and the early mornings. Your determination to get the job done is nothing short of inspiring.

To our dispatchers, your skill in coordinating shipments and keeping things running smoothly is the backbone of the industry. Your dedication to ensuring every load finds its way is commendable.

To our owner-operators and motor carriers, thank you for your entrepreneurship and commitment to building and growing your businesses. Your contributions are essential to the vitality of the transportation sector.

To our freight brokers, your ability to connect shippers with carriers efficiently is invaluable. Your expertise is a driving force in keeping our economy moving forward.

To our shippers, your trust in our platform and your partnership with carriers ensure that products reach consumers' hands, and we're grateful for your continued support.

As we gather around our tables with family and friends, we hope you find a moment to reflect on your journey and achievements. Know that your efforts don't go unnoticed, and you are appreciated not only during this holiday season but throughout the year.


May your Thanksgiving be filled with warmth, joy, and the knowledge that you play an essential role in keeping our world moving. We are thankful for you, today and every day.


Happy Thanksgiving from the Doft team!