Doft is proud to announce today that it’s adding a new feature to the Doft Load Board, the service it launched for owner operators and shippers.

It’s called Post My Truck, allows truckers to tell the load board where and when they will be available with an empty truck.


Normally $29 per month, for a limited time you get 3 months for $9.99 only!

Premium Features:


The ICO main sale date is postponed. While the team behind Doft stands ready and continues to make progress towards its goals. The change in ICO dates has nothing to do with any managerial challenges. The new dates will be posted on our blog.


Electronic parking brakes have started replacing hydraulic e-brakes across the automotive industry, but the technology has not yet found its way into light trucks.


Doft announces $50M ICO to its user community in its strive to innovate the inefficient trucking industry. Pre-ICO starts September 29 on Doft’s official website.


A panel of owner-operators and drivers on the final day of the Great American Trucking Show in part illustrated a shift that’s been noted by many carriers and drivers in the past who’ve made the switch from paper logs to today’s e-log platforms for hours of service recording.


This is the 100th blog I have written since Jim Mele first asked me to be one of the “experts” in Fleet Owner’s IdeaXchange.  So, I have compiled a list of 100 fuel efficiency facts, tips and best practices.  Here we go!


The future of trucking and transportation will involve three main elements: connectivity, electromobility and automation. Each one is evolving in its own right, but the forthcoming convergence of the three is what will create a paradigm shift in the world of transportation.


Many cities around the world are sketching new roadmaps for moving citizens and commuters around streets and neighborhoods, driven in large part by concerns over unmanageable traffic congestion and vehicle emissions.


The former head of a Tucson truck-driving school is facing 16 felony counts, accused of embezzling nearly $1 million from students and his ex-employer.