Spot rates for shipping goods are on the rise as efforts begin to rebuild the areas of Texas and Florida that were hit by the recent hurricanes.


Nearly 60 years ago, a twist of fate detoured James 'Jim' Haslam from a football coaching career into running filling stations. And that detour sparked the rise of what is today the Pilot Flying J truck stop network.


How will electronic logging devices and new regulations for 2018 impact the roadside inspection process going forward?

Carriers, add it to your list. Coming down the pipeline is a new roadside inspection category that you and your drivers need to get to know: electronic inspection.


When a passenger jet takes off from a U.S. airport, virtually every rule and regulation governing its flight is in place regardless of where the domestic flight lands.


Trucking analysts fear widespread industry disruption as Hurricane Irma bears down on the Eastern Seaboard, especially if it hits freight distribution centers in Georgia and North Carolina in the coming week.


Wall Street believes Tesla's electric truck strategy will be a winner.

Two investment houses published reports this week outlining their expectations for how Tesla will move into heavy duty trucking later this month.


Doft (Do Freight Transportation) announced its integration with CarrierCheckup, a monitoring technology for motor carrier information and vetting solutions.


Is the driver in the next lane impaired by opioid use?


US - Following on from the disruption caused by Hurricane Harvey, which has resulted in 44 fatalities, the


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