Doft in Press

Freight-matching startup Doft pitches virtual "Doftcoins" to industry players.

One of the latest entrants into the crowded "Uber for trucking" sector is taking a creative tack to raise funds: selling shares in its own "cryptocurrency," a type of virtual electronic money similar to Bitcoin or Ethereum.

UPS is embracing the blockchain. While there are no apparent plans for a UPS ICO, one freight startup is launching a token sale. Delivery company UPS is diving into the blockchain, having announced its membership in the Blockchain Trucking Alliance forum for creating distributed ledger tech standards for the freight industry. UPS is all about logistics, and adding the blockchain seems to be a natural fit for delivery along the supply chain from shipper to customer.

Driverless delivery vehicles will be the future of trucking, but what is the trucking industry doing to stay competitive during this disruptive transition?

The US trucking industry is currently valued at about $800 billion annually, but with the rise of autonomous or driverless delivery vehicles, those in the industry must learn to adapt or become irrelevant.

Move over, Silicon Valley.

More and more tech companies are getting fed up with the rent prices in San Francisco and San Jose, and moving to where the grapes grow.

One such company, the AIS Group, spent more than 15 years headquartered in both San Francisco and New York.

“We just got fed up with the rent prices and the fast pace of both locations,” said A. Amar Inalsingh, founder and owner.

“We decided to move to a city where the surroundings are peaceful and beautiful and where office space is cutting less into our bottom line.”

The world of trucking may not seem like it’s that relevant, but the whole idea of freight was one of the first steps modern civilisation ever took towards making things convenient.

So, in the spirit of 21st century convenience, let’s take a look at what’s happening with convenience when it comes to advancements in the trucking industry.

1) UK testing semi-automated convoys

Trucks make up just 4.3% of vehicles on the road, yet they account for over 60% of total pollution and produce one hundred and fifty times the amount of regular cars.

Doft announces $50M ICO to its user community in its strive to innovate the inefficient trucking industry. Pre-ICO starts September 29 on Doft’s official website.

Silicon Valley truck-sharing startup, DOFT (Do Freight Transportation), announces its ICO for the trucking community. Doft is giving out 100% of the company’s total coin supply, meaning that any logistics professional can become an owner of Doft’s cryptocurrency and enjoy the benefits of being part of a crowd-managed company.

Doft (Do Freight Transportation) announced its integration with CarrierCheckup, a monitoring technology for motor carrier information and vetting solutions.

According to the company, Doft's integration with CarrierCheckup is designed to help its users minimize motor carrier hiring risks. CarrierCheckup's data, including safety ratings, insurance and authority information, is now pulled into Doft and displayed for each carrier throughout the process of booking a load by shipper.

US - Following on from the disruption caused by Hurricane Harvey, which has resulted in 44 fatalities, the Port of Houston has announced that all of its facilities will be resuming operations as of today. Mariners are reminded to proceed with extreme caution due to debris and other unmarked hazards and missing or off-station navigation aids.

Uber Freight is in the process of radically disrupting the U.S. trucking industry by eliminating standard 30-90 day delayed payment terms with a guaranteed 7-day driver payment.
Uber Freight and its competitors like Doft, Convoy, and Transfix launched apps over the last eighteen months aimed at being more efficient than traditional logistics brokers in matching the 350,000 U.S. owner-operator truckers with shippers.