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When one of Uber’s self-driving trucks drove 200 kilometers from Fort Collins to Colorado Spring to deliver a shipment of Budweiser, it seemed Uber was primed to disrupt the estimated $800 billion trucking industry. Optimism was bolstered by Uber’s acquisition of the self-driving trucking startup, OttoMotto, last year.

Forget Big Data or AI, fright brokering in India remains a game of phone calls, personal connections and paperwork.

Uber has entered the full-load freight trucking market with Uber Freight, an on-demand, service designed to streamline the way drivers connect to companies and businesses in need of shipping.

Doft is disrupting the shipping industry by instantly matching freight shippers with truck drivers in real time across the USA.

Silicon Valley, California - Silicon Valley truck-sharing startup Doft (do freight transportation) today announces its integrating with online load-posting platform PostEverywhere. This new integration will now give customers of both companies a more simplified freight posting process, improving the lives of truckers and shippers and pushing the entire trucking industry to new heights.

Freight matching services or “freight exchanges” have become one of the hottest topics in Freight Transportation over the past few years. Venture capital funds, private investors and others have poured at least $200 million — and potentially substantially more — into dozens of on-demand freight start-ups, including Flexport, Transfix, Loadsmart, Convoy, Doft, Cargo Chief, TugForce, HaulHound, Parade, Ship Lync loadsurfer, freightcenter, freightfinder, Freightera, Freightcome, Pickmyload and others.

Instead of eating into profits using expensive air delivery services, how can retailers send cargo more cost effectively?

La aplicación de Doft continúa creciendo y consolidándose como una solución moderna para el transporte de carga. Doft, es una especie de Uber dedicada al transporte de cargas y mercancías en Estados Unidos, y ahora la empresa ha anunciado una importante asociación con VHI Transport, una de las empresas de mercancía y logística de carga más antiguas del país, fundada hace 40 años.

There are roughly 2,500 new apps added to the google play store daily. Of that figure there is really no telling what percentage of those are Farmville spin-offs, but the answer is definitely not low. Steep competition for many app categories is due to app designs aim for “low hanging fruit,” targeting already techie industries that have obvious needs for which to provide solutions.

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