Company FAQs
Doft services cover the state of California. Our headquarter office is located in Los Angeles. We are the dynamically growing company and the new markets will be added in the nearest future!
Our Terms of Use are here. All Doft customers both shippers and drivers need to accept them.
Our Privacy Policy is here. All Doft customers - shippers as well as drivers need to agree to it.
It is strictly forbidden for either party to solicit business from one another for 12 months from the last date of a shipment made between the parties. If this happens, both parties will be asked to cease and desist and are subject to being asked to leave the marketplace.
Driver FAQs
Doft is dealing only with owner operators. No large trucking companies and fleets allowed. If you are an independent owner operator truck driver with a truck and valid operating authority, CDL and insurance, you are welcome!
Doft is looking for all types of equipment including but not limited to Power only, flatbeds, reefers, RGNs, and dry vans. Note that CARB certificate for Reefers is required!
Yes, you need a smartphone to use Doft App. We are available on the iPhone © App store.
The App will be inactive until your profile is authorized and verified. Please complete all registration steps of the App and our team will verify your profile shortly. When it's done you will start receiving loads.
You will be able to fully use the App after your verification is complete. Please complete all the registration steps and Doft team will activate your account shortly. Doft app is optimized for iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus and iPad.
Yes, you do. All the shipments you get via Doft Driver App should be processed with the App. Your own protocol must be used to process non-Doft shipments.
You can accept jobs only after your account verification.
BOL is provided by shipper at the pick-up point. No freight can be taken without BOL. Email support@doft.com or call 224.523.7364 if you are not provided with a BOL at pick up.
In fact, you do not need this option with Doft. The payment will be done within 24 hours via ACH.
Our Support Team will help you to solve any problem you may have. Email support@doft.com or call 224.523.7364. Our hours of operation are 6 am to 3 pm (CST) Monday to Friday. We are closed on weekends and major federal holidays
All shippers are required to rate each driver on a shipment by shipment basis. You will be informed about all ratings received from shippers.
Shipper FAQs
Yes, all the drivers utilizing the Doft platform are fully pre-screened. If the Driver wants to be assigned to Doft platform, he needs to meet all the criteria. We are selecting top of the line Drivers.
We offer estimated rate for the lane and equipment type you chose. Also Doft negotiation system will give you an opportunity to choose the most suitable Driver. Create new shipment and you will get the real-time quotes. No old-school pre-booking of loads.
No, it may not. After you confirmed the rate - it is final. But rarely your final cost can change from the rate you confirm. It happens if the information you provided is incorrect (due to mistakes). Changes may happen when the load details (weight, volume, etc.), pickup or drop-off location, schedule times are different or additional charges like driver assist, accessorial or wait-time are incurred.
Doft team is proud to provide the top of the line freight move - the fair price, on time delivery and highly competent support team. You choose the Driver which suits you best after you receive offers from pre-selected Drivers.
Yes, you are required to provide the Bill Of Lading. The BOL should be provided to the driver at the pick up point. Missing BOLs will cause the shipment delay.
Yes, you do. You need to rate the driver after you have received proof of delivery. Each driver can be rated 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best.
You can call 224.523.7364 or contact our accounting department at support@doft.com.
Our team will answer any question gladly.
Fill out our contact form with your question, or call 224.523.7364. Our hours of operation are 6 am to 3 pm (CST) Monday to Friday.