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Take free Doft Load board iOS app with you to find freight and available truck loads on the go. The app gives you access to the more than 150,000 loads posted to Doft every business day. All you have to do is download the app to your phone or tablet, and then log in using the same info you use to log in to Doft Load Board.

Key load board mobile app features
Doft Load Board iOS app helps professional truck drivers find loads to haul throughout the US and Canada.

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Premium Features:

Find available carriers immediately with our truck search feature on Doft.

There are over 100,000 carriers searching through three million monthly loads posted to the Doft Load Voard. Our new truck search feature can simplify and enhance the process of finding a carrier to haul a load faster than ever.

Easily Find Carriers

Brokers and Shipper who post freight on the Doft Load Voard can now search for verified carriers who could be a match to haul a load. There are hundreds of qualified carriers added every day located throughout USA.

Doft is proud to announce today that it’s adding a new feature to the Doft Load Board, the service it launched for owner operators and shippers.

It’s called Post My Truck, allows truckers to tell the load board where and when they will be available with an empty truck.

Normally $29 per month, for a limited time you get 3 months for $9.99 only!

Premium Features:

  • Show rates for all eligible loads: View the best-paying loads in any given lane
  • Filter loads by lowest price: Best-Paying loads search by minimum price
  • Filter loads by rate per mile: Best-Paying loads search by rate per mile
  • Show backhaul loads for any load: Match load with backhauls instantly
  • Add additional user: Invite additional users and link them to your account


The ICO main sale date is postponed. While the team behind Doft stands ready and continues to make progress towards its goals. The change in ICO dates has nothing to do with any managerial challenges. The new dates will be posted on our blog.

Hi, Dofters!

We have some great news for you - Doft is announcing $50M ICO. 

The $5M pre-sale starts late September.

Doftcoin Is coming soon!

You know, that Doft team is the group of highly competent IT professionals and Logistics specialists with more than total 50 years of expertise in IT and 100 years in Trucking.

And now we are launching our own Cryptocurrency - Doftcoin.


So why did we decide to launch our own cryptocurrency?

The answer is easy - the future of transportation belongs to it.

We are proud to tell that now we have 3 investors! So, we've already gathered $110K of our $500K pre-seed round. Both Venture Capital Firms and Angel Investors are welcome to join us. Let's disrupt the trucking industry together! Doft wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2017 Year!

Doft is proud to announce that one more investor has joined its pre-seed round. Both our angel investors are from the heart of Silicon Valley and besides the capital they provide invaluable experience in management, communication and networking.
Great news! Doft has attracted the Lead Investor for its pre-seed $500K round. It gives us an opportunity for further growth and development.