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First of all thank all the contributors and the supporters!

Thank you for your belief, for your will to change something in the US transportation.

And for those, who want to contribute, but who has missed the Xmas bonus we have some good news!

75% New Year bonus is waiting for you! It will be effective from 12.27.2017 04:00 pm UTC until 01.01.2018 00:00 am UTC.

Join Doft ICO and we will change the way the whole industry works!


Doft Team

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Great news for everyone!

Our Christmas give away is 100% Bonus on each Doftcoin you purchase.
The bonus is effective until  Dec 26 00:00 AM UTC

Merry Christmas!


Doft Team

Silicon Valley truck-sharing startup, DOFT (Do Freight Transportation), is working on the mining protocol pursuing the goal of obtaining the critical mass of movement needed for the collaborative transportation web to become operational, as well as to create and fairly distribute Doftcoin tokens among the trucking community.

Transactions supporting the popular CryptoKitties app are continuing to congest the ethereum blockchain, a state of affairs that has spurred Doft to prolong its planned ICO Pre-sale 2.0 round.

Cryptocurrency market has been experiencing a huge surge of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) for the past 6 months, though a lot of experts call it another bubble. Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon. 

When Bitcoin first appeared, nobody took it seriously. They said if one had to choose between a hamburger and a Bitcoin, he’d prefer a hamburger.

Doft Team began to work on the mining algorithm.

In the nearest future all Doft drivers will be able to mine Doftcoins! To make the wheel spin a driver will need to accept a freight from Doft and keep the app in “On Duty” mode.

That’s really great news for truck drivers who do their daily job. Truckers will be able to get some bonus DFC, which can be spent in Doft store as well.

We will keep you updated!
Doft Team

Doft Team is glad to announce that Doft Pre-ICO 2.0 starts today at 4:00 pm UTC.

As we all know, today is not just a Monday. It is the Cyber Monday!

Therefore, we prepared a give away.

Everyone who contributes to Doft from 4:00 pm UTC November 27 until 4:00 pm UTC November 28 will get a 100% bonus! It means that you will receive 200 doftcoins to your wallet by purchasing only 100 doftcoins! 

Be smart on this Cyber Monday!
Doft Team!

Silicon Valley truck-sharing startup, DOFT (Do Freight Transportation), reschedules its ICO. Doft is giving out 100% of the company’s total coin supply, meaning that anyone can become an owner of Doft’s cryptocurrency and enjoy the benefits of being part of a transportation professionals' community.
The supply of Doftcoins will be open on Cyber Monday - November 27, 04:00 pm UTC, and will last till December 15, 00:00 am UTC.

The US trucking industry has been growing tremendously for the last few years, although it firmly stays one of the most old-school in terms of operation and organization methods. On one hand there’s nothing wrong with it, but on the other hand such old-school business management is very time consuming, and as the result not as much cost-effective as it can be.