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Doft Dispatch is a truck dispatch service for Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed trucks. We are a team of truck dispatchers and logistics specialists who have the experience needed to keep drivers on the road and operations running. By constantly studying the market we book top paying loads and have contacts with America’s top freight brokers and shippers. We believe that excellent communication is the building block of a successful dispatching service and offer quality care to all of our clients. 

As digital freight brokerage apps continue to shake up the transportation industry, analysts are quick to point to issues of scale as one of the major hurdles these companies face when needing to shift toward profitability. Existing network and volume density is where established technology and transportation leaders have a real advantage. Doft will launch a pilot program this fall, giving advanced functionality to its carriers to book freight at the click of a button.

There is a big push in the transportation industry for load boards to offer a simple “book it now” option that allows carriers to book a load with the single click of a button.

The technology involved to make instant freight booking happen is already on the way, so take a look at what it is at this time, what it could be in the future, and how it’s going to help the entire transportation industry work faster, smarter, and better.

When shipping runs better, the whole world runs better too. 

We really need your support today, because we want to help you earn more on every shipment and eliminate the pain you feel when dealing with brokers! Every shipment from a direct shipper will allow you to earn up to 35% more!

Doft, the cargo-hauling trucking platform, has unveiled a new feature that gives shippers — companies and distributors who dispatch cargo en masse —  access to real-time market rates for specific routes up to four weeks in advance.

The feature, called Rate Forecast, is part of Doft for shippers, which offers companies technological capabilities similar to those trucking firms have enjoyed from the get-go.

You found a load on a load board that meets your business requirements.  The next step is contacting the broker to negotiate the freight rate. Rates listed on load boards are rarely “all-in”. “All-in rates” cover the hauling cost as well as assessorial fees and fuel surcharge. Brokers generally offer lower rates because that is how they make money. Do not be afraid to ask for a better freight rate, especially if it is good for your business. But don’t just pull a number out of a hat either.

Doft has announced the release of Rate Forecast powered by Artificial Intelligence rate prediction, a rate platform that allows customers to use market data and their rate history to make quick and data-driven decisions on their shipping rates.

A cloud-based solution powered by Doft's freight matching marketplace, Rate Forecast charts data on paid rates from across the marketplace, with rate data from Doft's ecosystem and third-party partnerships with industry leaders.

Doft is proud to announce that, in addition to our free load board that provides access to over 150,000 loads each day, we have partnered with SureLine Capital to offer our users factoring facilities. This partnership allows Doft users to apply for invoice factoring and obtain financing at discounted rates and fees below the industry average.

Working with a truck dispatch service company can be one of the best – or worst – decisions that you ever make. It’s a decision you should make carefully. In this article, we discuss:

Freight bill factoring has become a mainstay in the trucking business. Those fleet owners and independent owner-operators who have yet to make the switch may want to consider the following points to see how freight bill factoring can make business run easier.

Fast Access To Cash

Traditional working capital solutions, such as bank loans and merchant cash advances, take time to set up and process before funds are made available. Freight bill factoring, on the other hand, delivers cash from open invoices with 24 hours.