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Doft offers a myriad of unique features that you can benefit from. In fact, 100,000 carriers already do. Are you struggling to find loads for your business? Join the fastest growing freight search platform with over three million available loads monthly. 100,000 carriers already grow their business with Doft Load Board. Available both in US and Canada! 

We hope you are already enjoying the amazing features of our Doft app. We'd like to let you in on our Doft Premium membership which can help your business grow by offering members-only privileges such as the Fuel Surcharge Calculator. The Fuel Surcharge Calculator gives you the estimated cost per mile so you won’t lose money on unexpected fuel cost changes. This is only one of the many features we have in store for you at Doft Premium.  

If you tend to be on the road a lot, we would highly suggest that you try out our premium membership. We’re excited for you to join the thousands of drivers who partnered with us in their journeys and enjoy the benefits by being part of Doft Premium.          


  • Load Rate Check - a tool that provides you with the state-to-state average rate per mile for the lane you searched based on the data from the latest 30 days. 
  • Fuel Surcharge Calculator -  a fuel surcharge is an extra fee that trucking companies charge to cover the fluctuating cost of fuel. It is calculated as a percentage of the base rate and is usually added to a shipper's freight bill to cover the cost of operations. (For IFTA fuel Tax-reporting)
  • Rates - view the best-paying loads in any given lane.
  • Advanced filters - Filter loads by lowest price and rate per mile. Search loads by minimum load price and rate per mile.
  • Backhauls - match loads with backhauls instantly.
  • Book Now - some of the loads in your search results will have a ‘Book Now’ button instead of ‘Call’. Premium members are allowed to click ‘Book Now’ and confirm their offer. The shipper will receive your offer immediately and will have 1 hour to accept or decline it. In the meantime, the load won’t be available in search results.