Post Your Truck to Find Better-Paying Loads


Doft is proud to announce today that it’s adding a new feature to the Doft Load Board, the service it launched for owner operators and shippers.

It’s called Post My Truck, allows truckers to tell the load board where and when they will be available with an empty truck.

Doft load board is accessed hundreds of times daily by brokers, manufacturers and direct shippers looking for General and Expedite trucks. They usually check available trucks first before posting a load. When you post your available trucks & locations daily to Doft Load Board, you will be front and center to receive calls for available loads.

As a carrier, if you are not posting your truck, then you are making calls on load posts. Those loads might be the ones that are less urgent. Rates and negotiations favor the side that has more flexibility. When the shipper or broker calls you about a load that needs to move today, there's not much flexibility. That's when you can negotiate for an above-average rate.

Truck Posting is easy as 1,2,3:

  1. After logging on begin your post by clicking “Post Trucks” then click “Post Truck” button.
  2. Once the “Post new truck” page appears add the origin information. Destination information is not required to be entered if there is no preference. Enter the trailer type. The remainder of the fields are all optional. By leaving Availability Date field empty the truck will be re-posted daily. Special information on the truck can be added to the posting.
  3. Click “POST”

Your truck has been posted on!

You can also try our Premium membership for only $9.99 for the first month instead of regular $29. 

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