Free Load Board: Is it the Right Choice for Your Trucking Business?

Free Load Board

Is a free load board worth the cost savings?

As an owner-operator or freight broker in a fast-paced and growing market, you have options when choosing a great-paying load or the right carrier for your freight.

One way to find the right load or truck to grow your business? Load Boards. With all the options available for owner-operators and trucking brokers, it can be hard to choose the one that’s right for your business.

Perhaps money is a top concern, and you are tempted to choose a free load board. After all, running your own trucking or brokerage business can be expensive with several upfront investments required. While there are benefits to saving money on a free load board, there are things to consider before choosing to post your truck or load on a free load board.

Below are the pros and cons of free load boards. Use this information to make smart business decisions early on to protect your truck, your future, and your business.


Free Load Boards: The Benefits

1. Easy on the wallet

This one is obvious: a free load board won’t break the bank. You’ll be able to access loads, trucks and essential contact information of carriers and brokers for no upfront fee, but you may still pay a price. If your top goal is to get loaded or post your truck for free, a free load board may be a good start.

Read on to find out why free load boards may actually end up costing you more money down the line.

2. Free load boards allow you to test a load board for your business

Maybe you’re not totally sold on the idea of having a load board for your business. If you work with a single broker and they fill your truck on a regular basis, or you call one carrier to move your freight, a load board isn’t always required to grow your business. But if you want to take on the spot market, you’ll need a load board.

A free load board will allow you to test a load board to explore whether it is a worthwhile tool for your business without committing long term.

Free Load Boards: The Risks

1. Low Number of Loads and Trucks

For the reasons above, free load boards are less commonly popular among top players in the industry. Capacity is sometimes lower.

On a free load board, you won’t usually get the quantity or quality of loads or trucks that you will have access to on a paid load board. 

2. Free isn’t always free forever.

Some load boards are free, but only for a limited time. These load boards may give you a trial and charge you after 30 days or later. Make sure to read the fine print before signing up for a free load board.


We think free load boards are a worthy tool to grow your business. With free access to truck loads, rates data, quality brokers and carriers, and other useful features, you will make more money in the long run without having to pay for the load board.

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