Doft releases “Book Now” feature with next-day payments for carriers


There is a big push in the transportation industry for load boards to offer a simple “book now” option that allows carriers to book a load with the single click of a button.

The technology involved to make instant freight booking happen is already here, so take a look at what it is at this time, what it could be in the future, and how it’s going to help the entire transportation industry work faster, smarter, and better.

Book loads instantly with Doft's new feature, "Book Now".
What is "Book Now"?
Instantly book loads with no commissions from direct shippers, without ever picking up the phone.

Save Time

  • Don't waste time on the phone. Book your load with just a few clicks!
  • No need to negotiate rates because "Book Now" listings are on-demand prepaid loads
  • 100% fast payment guarantee right after delivery

Make More Money

  • Pay no commissions for a prepaid on-demand load
  • See the rate posted on every Book Now load
  • Automated payments made through Doft within 24 hours after delivery

Strengthen Relationships

  • Book loads instantly with direct shippers
  • Build your own relationships

When will it be available?

When shipper posts on-demand prepaid load, you will see the "Book Now" button on such loads on Doft website. 

IMPORTANT: This feature is currently available in Web/PC version of Doft Load Board (iOS/Android apps are currently not supported).