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Doft (Do Freight Transportation) announced its integration with CarrierCheckup, a monitoring technology for motor carrier information and vetting solutions.

According to the company, Doft's integration with CarrierCheckup is designed to help its users minimize motor carrier hiring risks. CarrierCheckup's data, including safety ratings, insurance and authority information, is now pulled into Doft and displayed for each carrier throughout the process of booking a load by shipper.

US - Following on from the disruption caused by Hurricane Harvey, which has resulted in 44 fatalities, the Port of Houston has announced that all of its facilities will be resuming operations as of today. Mariners are reminded to proceed with extreme caution due to debris and other unmarked hazards and missing or off-station navigation aids.

Uber Freight is in the process of radically disrupting the U.S. trucking industry by eliminating standard 30-90 day delayed payment terms with a guaranteed 7-day driver payment.
Uber Freight and its competitors like Doft, Convoy, and Transfix launched apps over the last eighteen months aimed at being more efficient than traditional logistics brokers in matching the 350,000 U.S. owner-operator truckers with shippers.

Dive Brief: Convoy Inc., a two-year-old Seattle creator of trucking transport software similar to Uber Freight, received fresh funding of $62 million from Bill Gates's Cascade Investment and other backers, Bloomberg Technology reported. Jeff Bezos of Amazon is a previous investor.

Doft, the Silicon Valley truck-sharing startup company, announced the integration with the online load-posting platform PostEverywhere. This new collaboration will give customers easier and simple freight posting process. With this new process, the service between shippers and truckers will be sped up, unlike before when both spent up to four hours arranging shipments via phone or fax.

Silicon Valley truck-sharing startup Doft (do freight transportation) announced it is integrating with online load-posting platform PostEverywhere. "This new integration will now give customers of both companies a more simplified freight posting process, improving the lives of truckers and shippers and pushing the entire trucking industry to new heights," the company explained.

When one of Uber's self-driving trucks drove 200 kilometers from Fort Collins to Colorado Spring to deliver a shipment of Budweiser, it seemed Uber was primed to disrupt the estimated $800 billion trucking industry. Optimism was bolstered by Uber's acquisition of the self-driving trucking startup, OttoMotto, last year.

Forget Big Data or AI, fright brokering in India remains a game of phone calls, personal connections and paperwork.

Uber has entered the full-load freight trucking market with Uber Freight, an on-demand, service designed to streamline the way drivers connect to companies and businesses in need of shipping.

US - Doft, the Silicon Valley-based truck-sharing app company, has announced it is integrating with online load-posting platform PostEverywhere. Doft says that the integration will now give customers of both companies a more simplified freight posting process, with the company stating that instead of shippers and truckers spending upwards of four hours arranging matters via fax or phone, the new service will significantly speed up the process.